GOT7 releases MV for ‘Just Right’


“Just Right” is the title track for their album of the same name and sounds like an eccentric, yet upbeat hip hop track. The music video is colorful and adorable with touching lyrics to match.

Check out the MV for “Just Right” above!



Morgan Schneiderlin: Southampton midfielder has Man Utd medical

Southampton midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin is having a medical ahead of a proposed move to Manchester United in a deal worth in excess of £25m.

The Saints have confirmed that an agreement is in place for the transfer.

Schneiderlin now looks set to join Bayern Munich midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger on United’s pre-season tour of the United States.

United have already signed PSV forward Memphis Depay and Torino defender Matteo Darmian this summer.

Southampton confirmed they had rejected a bid from United for the 25-year-old France international last week.

But, providing there are no unforeseen issues, Schneiderlin will now join Louis van Gaal, Schweinsteiger and their new team-mates on their flight to Seattle for the start of their US tour on Monday afternoon.

Last summer, Schneiderlin was a target for Tottenham and he missed the start of pre-season after telling the club he was “not mentally or physically ready” to play after a bid was rejected.

But he went on to make 30 appearances for the Saints last season as they finished in seventh place.

Schneiderlin join the Saints from Strasbourg in 2008 for £1.2m and has played for them in League One, the Championship and the Premier League.


5 Ways Cellphones Are Bad For Your Health

If you don’t have a cell phone at the moment then you’re definitely one of the minority, cell phones have become one of the most common pieces of technology you’ll see today. There’s a reason for that, as plenty of people need to communicate with each other on a daily basis. There’s always going to be a downside to everything though, and that’s exactly the case with cell phones as well. They may seem like they’re completely harmless at first, but there is actually an abundance of ways they can seriously harm your health.

Your life needs to be taken seriously, so if these cell phone ailments seem to be affecting you, make a change. It’s probably just as hard as quitting cigarettes, but the negative effects of prolonged cell phone use are definitely there. They’re one of the most effective ways to communicate, especially since communication is one on the most important traits today’s society shows.

Your Emotions – Your emotions can actually be affected by cell phones, and that’s something that you really don’t want to go through. It’s strange enough to think that a piece of technology could negatively alter our minds, but that’s exactly what’s happening here. There was a study conducted where strangers would pair up and talk to each other in a room, they had to tell one another about an important event. Some pairs had a phone on the desk, whereas other didn’t. Needless to say, the phone pairs weren’t exactly “social” with one another.

Stressing You Out – Cell phones can stress you out too, increasing your stress levels to almost twice of that in which they were before. It was reported (from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden) that using a mobile phone frequently could lead to stress, as well as sleep disturbances. It has to do with people constantly checking their phones and worrying about trivial things, like social media and such.

Immune System – Have you ever noticed that there’s sort of a greasy film on your phones screen? It usually pops up after a long day of use, and it’s not as clean as you may think it is. It can actually have a lot of bacteria and other nasty viruses stored in there. There was a study conducted in which around 390 cell phones were taken for “bacteria samples”, and a whopping 92% of the phones cam back positive. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot more dirty than I’m used to.

Vision – Staring at a cell phone screen for prolonged periods of time has the ability to damage your eyes, just like anything else with a LED (or LCD, etc.) display can do. You might find yourself squinting much more frequently, which will ultimately taint your vision.

Back Pain – Looking down at your phone for hours during a day is going to ruin your back sooner or later, and tons of avid cell phone users report back pain before they’ve even reached the age of 30.


5 Health Benefits of Whiskey

Whiskey is a type of spirit that people indulge in all over the world, but did you know there’s health benefits to it? Whiskey is one of the more popular alcohols that gets sold on the market, especially since there are country singers constantly singing about it. Alcohol is usually looked at as being one of the worst things you can put into your body, but that’s not true! We’re going to cover 10 different health benefits that come alongside drinking whiskey, all of which you probably weren’t aware of before.

Alcohol gets a bad reputation for a magnitude of reasons, but seeing the positive in whiskey is way too easy. Check out the list below and let us know what you think! Continue reading…


Top 4 Actions Movies of 2015

Action movies will always be premium content, they have a lot to offer when it comes to both the story and the entertainment value. Nobody likes a slowly moving movie, which is why this list is going to cover the top actions movies that were released in 2015 (so far).


Taken 3 – Liam Neeson reprises his role as an incredibly upset father within “Taken 3”, and it was one of the most sough after film released of the year. As soon as this movie dropped everybody was looking into viewing times, it was released on the 9th of January as well. Neeson made a whopping $20 million to keep the role going this time around, that’s definitely worth it! Continue reading…


Top 4 Beautiful Beaches in the World

Are you a fan of beautiful beaches? Of course you are! This list is going to go over 5 different beaches that we house on our planet, and all of them are going to be just as beautiful as the last. Trust us, if you decide to travel to any of these beaches you’re going to have a great time.

Ipanema Beach – This beach is in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It’s well known for the amount of bikinis that you’re going to see in the sand, as well as the wonderful landscape itself. When girls get a “Brazilian wax”, there’s obviously something to take into account; it’s called that for a reason! You can also buy some treats from street vendors. Continue reading…


Top 10 richest singers ever

Music is a food and blood stream for all souls in the world because it has the capacity to change the mood of a person in any kind. Singers giving those souls by giving their complete potential towards music and they are rewarded. However singers are earning millions of money for their best songs and the top ten richest singers is categorised in this world.

  1. Madonna Louise Ciccone

Madonna is the most famous and talented lady still in the peak of richest singers. She is termed as American singer, song writer, actress and dancer with a successful career. Now in twentieth century she got more followers from United States and over 64.5 million certified albums in her name. Continue reading…


Top 10 richest football players in the world

Football is the most popular sports in all over the world. Players earn income as per their success and involvement in the game. A research has recently published the list of richest football players in the world. The list is ranked as per the total earning of each player. In this record you can obtain the names of top 10 richest football players.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo is the Portuguese strike holder of Ballon and he is the top one among all richest players. His own country is offering him with payment of 17 million per year. He signed a contract with Real Madrid in 2013. He is the only reason for bring up Portugal to world cup final. Continue reading…